COVID-19 Protocols



Pickleball Canada Organization @


Pickleball BC @

IT’S okay to play “IF” you are COVID smart and RESPONSIBLE!
** DO NOT drop- in expecting to play with those who are already playing
** TAKE your own HAND Cleaner, and clean your hands after every game,
** ONLY sit in your own CHAIR
** BRING your own BALLS and keep them CLEAN for the game
** Keep your hands OFF your FACE
** STAY apart when talking, 6 feet apart for all conversations!
** Control or ELIMINATE big EXHALES or GRUNTS. The big sounds create larger droplets which will travel further.
** If a “STRAY” ball enters your COURT, give it a ‘paddle’ back, do not pick it up and throw
** REMEMBER** Staying apart is for “NOW” not ‘forever.
**ENJOY** the game as it is. YOU are healthy enough to play; AND, you have somewhere and someone(s) to play!!

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