Drills = Skills

IF you want to advance your SKILL LEVEL it takes DRILL time. REMEMBER there is no reason to pressure yourself to advance if you are having fun and want to play as you are.

Moving your RATING up so that you can play in a higher SKILL Level game is not about ‘getting the ball over the net and winning the point‘, it’s about placing the ball in a spot that will get your opponent to make an Unforced Error (UFE), OR, help you and your partner get the next shot to finish the point. P.P.P.P.P.P (this is not a TYPO or a stutter)

**Practice Placing the ball with PURPOSE, use the correct amount of POWER, PICK the shot that fits the situation to PLAY the winning shot**

Drills create SKILL. SKILL is TECHNIQUE. When these things become comfortable for you, you will start winning points and your skill level will improve. Use the drills you are learning in your game play time until you are comfortable with the shot.

The shots don’t have to be PERFECT they have to be better more often.

Intermediate Drills Forehand & Backhand

  • ground strokes no more than 18 inches over the net.
  • short drop shots that are not attackable
  • dink shots steering the ball left and right to the opponent’s backhand ankle
  • volley shots steering the ball to your opponent’s hip
  • snap and blocks to reset the point
  • Forehand and backhand lob shots

Advanced Drills Forehand & Backhand

YOU WANT MORE practice?!? Drills = Skills = RATING!
  • ALL the above intermediate drills PLUS
    • machine gun speed volley shots
      • Taking speed off the ball
      • Volley to surprise lob
      • Third shot drop shots into the kitchen from NVZ and Transition Zone
      • Disguised lobs when dinking
      • Disguised body shots when dinking
      • Fake overhead smash shots
HOW TO PLAY Pickleball

For Newbies

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COMING SOON, once COVID is managed

Etiquette & Basic Rules

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Let’s build something together.

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