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HOW to Register for Meet-UPS OUTDOORS

in APRIL 2022

#1) VIEW the meet-up times via the CALENDAR icon, #2) REGISTER via the GREEN “Sign-Up” button below, you will see the following page:

For HELP on “HOW TO USE sign-up genius”, CLICK on the “Manual” link Below

Having ANY trouble using this sign-up system??? Contact Kathy or Mark O (via the secure MEMBER Directory Listing) They will get you Registered to Play! Don’t hesitate! WE are here to HELP!

Playing Indoors, Outdoors or Tournaments

As a club we offer play opportunities for both SKILL SPECIFIC competitive; and, social recreational play. We meet to play both at indoor and outdoor venues during the respective seasons. View the play schedule and location. Members are advised where and when accordingly through this website. The schedule is to organize meet-up times.

OUTDOOR is predominately played at Klahani Park with several play formats, including Round-Robins,* Ladders, Lessons for Newbies, Skill Building Sessions, OPEN Play and Wild Card sessions — we’re certain you’ll find something that suits your lifestyle and your skill level.

If you are interested in competing, check out the Tournaments page for information on upcoming tournaments, and how to improve your game.

Join our community and get in on the fun! Find out how you can become a member of the Salmon Arm Pickleball Association and all the benefits that it provides.

To learn more about the Salmon Arm Pickleball Club, click About

How to Register for an INDOOR Meet-UP

STARTING OCTOBER ? Go directly to the SASCU Salmon Arm Recreation Center Calendar for INDOOR Play ONCE IT IS ORGANIZED. Any questions call:  (250) 832-4044

INDOOR WINTER meet-ups @ the Rec Center.


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