Reserve the Right to Refuse Membership

The Salmon Arm Pickleball Club Executive ALWAYS reserves the right to REFUSE, SUSPEND or REVOKE membership to any person who is, was, or wishes to be a part of the Salmon Arm Pickleball Club. NO REFUNDS will be issued for anyone whose membership is suspended or terminated.

As referenced in the Etiquette and Basic Rules, participation as a member in this club is to ENHANCE the Pickleball experience for ‘all’ members. The code of conduct of your membership includes; but is not limited to:

  1. PROMOTE positive membership within the club. Don’t bring a BAD attitude into the club or on the courts.
  2. To ACT in a manner that demonstrates you are a part of a SOLUTION not a ‘problem‘.
  3. Respect that meet-up times are to optimize play time for as many people as possible within any said skill group or social play at various times of the day. MAXIMIZING court time amongst players while matching quality / fun games within said members skill groups.
  4. Honor and respect the organized meet-up times for all players, for all ages, in all skill groups (simply put: don’t show up to play with your friends in a separate ‘grouping’ when the ‘scheduled meet-up time’ already has 15-20 people coming out to the courts). As a member of the club, you are NOT considered ‘public’.
  5. Always, and with courtesy ‘share the courts’ with the ‘public’ who are non-members of the club IF and WHEN they arrive during scheduled or NON-scheduled meet-up times.
  6. Encourage the growth of the sport by acts of kindness
  7. Be KIND and respectful to all with your voice, tone, words, and body language.
  8. If someone in your play group on or off the court is not abiding by any of the above; AND, you choose to remain on the courts with that person, you will be considered an ‘all-in-one’ team and may be putting your membership in jeopardy.

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