What are SKILL Levels, Ratings, and Competitive Play

Skill Rating Information-2.0 ….all the way to PRO which is 6.0!

CONTACT PLAYER Development to find out more if you have questions! EMAIL: sapickleballclub.skills@gmail.com

At present, to play at a 3.5 or higher level, you must produce either a:

Sanctioned Tournament “UTPR or CTPR” rating  (obtained during sanctioned pickleball tournaments).

IPTPA Rating (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association’s Certified Rating Specialist) to complete a player assessment based on static skills and actual game performance. This process is absolutely objective. Results are fed into an IPTPA Calculator for a Pass or Fail. (See the links below for more information)

RATING assessments…what you need to know:

Pickleball Rating Skills Needed Descriptions as defined by the IPTPA

To Arrange a rating with a CRS (Certified Rating Specialist) click here

The BC Pickleball Association maintains a list of tournaments at https://www.pickleballbc.ca/schedule–results.html . Please check there to see what tournaments are coming up and when their registrations open.

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